I want to know only one thing.
Is there any story about this game the origin of the infection? i.e. every game has a story otherwise it doesn't make sense because things are like that, i hope someone will give me an explanation if there is a story because i like the game a lot and i know it since 2016 but i'm playing it this year.

[Image: 377A1009A97FE88FA4DA2E8330CC7E8CE9D8D3F4]
I'm sure there is no story behind the origin of the infection on the game,although you can try really hard to know some minor facts of the storyline of zps but these are almost null.
It's up to us to interpretate what is happenning with the survivors,what are their difficulties at the moment. and the most importantly,to figure out how the infection began without any clues. Although you can try checking out the ZP:S Official Comic made by Henital Herpes,maybe it will give you a bit of satisfaction on atleast knowing "what its going on?,oh man!".

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