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1) When keys are dropped at the end of a round, IE a survivor is killed and the keys fall to the ground- the keys don't despawn for the next rounds and continue to tell the zombies "protect the keys" with the floating Icon- they are untouchable and unmovable but very visable.

2) Was having some trouble crouch jumping into windows after spawning in the 'old shortcut' zombie spawn~ me and two other zombies climbed the pipe and were trying to jump into the window and for some reason crouch jumps just would not happen- not unless you got a bit of a running start. Later on one of those same people said they were having trouble still in a different map- but I personally on had trouble with the windows here.

3) Not a bug but, the pipes you use to climb to the 2nd floor of the zombie spawn by lab are hard for people to use, constantly getting stuck under the balcony and falling off.

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