3.1 Taking Damange / Mysterious Buzzing
Almost everytime I am attacked by Whitey- I will hear a noise and my survivor responds as I get hit the first time, the second time though I rarely hear anything else- which causes me to think I haven't taken but one hit. I have also had less than 100 health recently, and when attacked again I didn't hear my survivor take any damage.

 Semi relative to that- I also noticed before I didn't always hear the magnum firing when I was being shot at, but did hear it when others were shot at.

Mysterious Buzzing-
 Two people now have reported a weird buzzer or beeping noise- asking me "what's that beeping?" - Faith was playing with me when a foreigner was struggling with a buzzing noise- and we eventually had him explain roughly that he's hearing buzzing instead of footsteps.

 For the first two people with buzzing, I told them to change their audio source from headphones back to 2speaker- and it fixed it. Foreign speaking buzz buzz man though continued to complain about it after I tried to tell him to do the same.
Buzzing instead of footsteps must be also caused by sound.cache file not being updated.

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