AngelScript, Sourcemod etc...
Hi all together,

first of all i want to say, it is nice to see the Community around ZPS is starting to be alive again, even if it is still not as famous as in the old Days jet. Hope it will raise again. Keep up the good Work people. i lovin it Smile . Especialy i saw you implemented the possibility to customize the Game much more now with the help of AngleScript and deeper Game Events to hook on and bringe also a fixed Version of the Linux Dedicated Server.

AngleScript is new here on ZPS i think? In the past there was only Metamod Related stuff as much i figured out with my Server related thinkering.

I did take a look on AngleScript. It looks promising. I just asking myself, whats the reasons for choosing AngleScript over lua and maybe other popular approaches? are there any reasons for that? what are the pluspoints? I never heared something about it before...

I hope no one feels offended because of my questions. I am just someone that loves Programming, Serveradministration and learning/exchanging about stuff. Maybe i also can help out a bit in the community soon ;-)

Also i would like to know if there are some Tools that are recommended to develop Angelscript stuff with? Would be awesome if someone could give me some more Infos :-)

(Old ZPS Server tamer)
Honestly I'm glad AngelScript got chosen. Its very similar to C / C++ you could almost convert the code 1:1 (ofcourse there are some differences), which is probably one of the reasons it got implemented. Lua for example is a language that I personally don't like very much. Stuff like Array indicies starting at 1 instead of 0. No simple prefix / postfix operators eg var++ wouldn't be possible. Lua allowing to code without semicolon enforcement etc. All that in imho weird stuff.
didn't know lua has such weird stuff like starting indices with 1. wtf? i myself am also not such a big fan about lua and similar. i also like syntax that uses semicolons and curly braces, good thing it was not chosen.

@XeroX i saw you also write Scripts. do you write them simple with notepad++/Sublime etc. or do you use some IDE?
Simply n++

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