1) When survivors are supposed to be heading to the Tower objective, there is a point when zombies start spawning on the roof or near the tower- but the big double red doors at the bottom of the elevator is locked until survivors open it from the inside. I just played a game that went completely stagnant because the survivors saw zombies behind the door and refused to open it, and for the next 5 minutes the zombies just hung out waiting and literally nobody was able to go after the survivors.

On a map where most people dislike the spawn-system for zombies, this is typically a welcome feature but with trolls-for-survivors it can be annoying. I eventually just decided to slay the four remaining survivors but it really slows down gameplay anyway to just have the hoard sitting around waiting behind a locked door, atypical for zombie panic gameplay too.

2) The "exit" gate on the roof that opens after the Tower objective is complete- it can open into waiting survivors as doors now tend to do, but there is no way to close it again or break it to free yourself. I discovered it and decided to never be that close when it opens, but others have gotten stuck as well and it can be very frustrating.
Bug I've spotted recently: Zomboeing ended in a survivor victory before the last door was closed. unclear as to why.

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