v3.0.7 Changelog & ZPS OST DLC is available!
Before heading to the Changelog, we'd like to present you all with the official Zombie Panic! Source Soundtrack DLC, which you can freely download and listen to!

[Image: 03a7bb527efc8c027a67cb86b93c891225dd7281.png]

  • Added "zp_deadend_grass01" detailtype to detail.vbsp
  • Added German localization

  • Updated the FGD files
  • Updated HudDeathNotice to right side of the screen
  • Updated the following physics props to be breakable:
    • models/props_wasteland/kitchen_shelf001a.mdl
    • models/props_wasteland/kitchen_shelf002a.mdl
    • models/props_junk/pushcart01a.mdl
    • models/surgeon/metalshelves01.mdl
    • models/props_wasteland/controlroom_desk001b.mdl
  • Fixed Zombie Panic! Source Dedicated Server requiring Steam Client to be installed on Windows Server

  • Added phys_pushscale being able to manipulate props if Engine.EnableCustomSettings is set to true (Disabled by default due to it causing props to freak out within triggers)
  • Added info_player_carrier entity - which spawns only the carrier when enabled
  • Added PVS mode option for player spawn points (Can be debugged via zps_debug_server 1 on a local game)
  • Added sv_allow_gravity_manipulation convar - will allow you to manipulate gravity without enabling cheats, but this will still disable achievements
  • Added sv_disablesprays convar - to completely remove the ability to use sprays on a server
  • Added a new log system (only sv_logfile 1 is required now, and will be logged into zps/logs/<date>/<map>.txt)
  • Added glow radius for item_deliver
  • Added customizable crosshairs via ZPDATA - you are now able to add your own crosshairs by creating your own zpdata file (in data/crosshairs/) and inserting the type, name, and path for the texture.

  • Removed admin_rebuild command
  • Removed cheap shadows, due to its exploitable behavior
  • Removed old HL2 and HL1 impulse commands

  • Updated Carrier instructor hints
  • Updated "Can't respawn" to move the player to spectator, instead of just throwing the error
  • Updated Steam Workshop support for servers (Now they will be able to read collections on each map change, and will update maps accordingly, if required)
  • Updated AS Plugins to load after HL2MP has been fully initialized, to prevent plugins from crashing the server if they required HL2MP related elements to be loaded
  • Updated spawn system and fixed false positives regarding disabled spawns.
  • Updated point_clientcommand and point_servercommand to blacklist all exploitable & abusable client commands
  • Updated the attack range for the following melee weapons:
    [Image: 2f4c9ef0c1b17184ecfd6d30b38b8c6cc4cfbd5f.png]
  • Updated default gravity from 600 to 570
  • Updated the mainmenu and client workshop mounting

  • Fixed old Source Ping/Latency exploit by using cl_cmdrate +30
  • Fixed winchester using the wrong weight value
  • Fixed no scooting being able to crash server if they were in Panic
  • Fixed where OnTakeDamage would cause the server to crash if the carrier became invalid (Hit & Quit on the same frame)
  • Fixed where the Feed-O-Meter would drain if the player died in water, or spawned in water.
  • Fixed melee weapons using default range for impact effects
  • Fixed where jumping would drain fatigue if zps_anti_bunnyjump was disabled
  • Fixed jumping animation event not playing
  • Fixed specific console warnings not working properly on Linux (Would only print "Message: :")
  • Fixed Achievement Dialog causing lag on initial creation, or when you switch between "goals"
  • Fixed intermission not resetting back to default state if the next map is invalid or doesn't exist
  • Fixed triggers not using the correct "base", which caused OnTouch and EndTouch outputs to not be sent properly
  • Fixed pistols not playing the animation correctly when being fired in quick succession
  • Fixed client-related crashes when connecting to servers
  • Fixed item_deliver not having any glow
  • Fixed props randomly glowing
  • Fixed zombies not spawning closer to the carrier, when they are roaring
  • Fixed Feed-O-Meter draining going crazy if the player was holding down the crouch button

  • Added Admin.SetImmunity
  • Added Admin.AddFlag
  • Added CHL2MP_Player@ SetPlayerName

  • Removed CHL2MP_Player@ ForceInfectPlayer

  • Updated Admin.AddUser

  • Updated the API ( https://api.zombiepanicsource.com/ )

  • zpo_shreddingfield
    • Fixed where survivors could block the blue door at the beginning
    • Updated the nuke sequence

  • zpo_tanker
    • Fixed zspawn issues on the last stages of the map
    • Changed some zombie doors to broken stages (1 and 2)
    • Increased the C4 explosion timer by 30sec

  • zpo_harvest
    • Removed old clips around the truck
    • Removed "last stand" objective (Survivors will now automatically fail if the truck passes by)
    • Removed old zombie clip on the truck
    • Fixed broken "climbing" on the truck

  • zpo_subway
    • Fixed unaligned textures
    • Fixed where the train would get stuck if a player blocked its path
    • Fixed an exploit where you could drop ammo or weapons in unreachable spots between the generators

  • zpo_zomboeing
    • Fixed up new zombie spawns all fancy like.
    • Added double door at tower base to keep campers from bein campers.
    • Made signs above zombie vents illusionary so they can get inside easier.
    • changed all tower ladders from useable to brush ladders
    • added ladders in jetways
    • implemented new spawn limit system for info_player_zombie
    • Fixed an exploit where you could drop ammo, weapons or the delivery items at the unreachable spot beneath the stairs

  • zpo_frozenheart
    • Added one new zombie ladder only at the fence outside closer to the gas station.
    • Tweaked ammo and weapon spawn on roof area.
    • Reduced the timer to break the metal vent in zombie spawn a little more earlier on roof section.
    • Reduced the timer to spawn zombies on the roof 8 seconds earlier.
    • Fixed one breakable door to be open for zombies only - moved this zombie spawn to the kitchen.
    • Added safe exploit fix for C4 and Box of Food items getting bugged out side of the map.
    • Added a small clip to help players jumping over the vent at the roof.
    • Replaced map's music entities as logic_music - now it will play as a soundtrack.

  • zps_corpsington
    • Fixed a brush vent height in one zombie spawn
    • Updated police car model to be interactive
    • Tweaked ammo spawns (+14 players)
    • Moved destroyed truck a bit to the right so players could move in a small area at the stairs outside.
    • Fixed weapon_barricade hammers spawning in a generator room not accessible by players

  • zps_thrillvile
    • All item_ammo_pistol replaced with random_ammo
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode

  • zps_deadend
    • Added a few player clips to make movement more smoother
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode

  • zps_town
    • Clipped off unfair camp position on light above stairs
    • Fixed minor issue with the lightmap shadows
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode

  • zps_silence
    • Removed Zombie Spawn behind the concrete fence
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode
    • Cubemaps tweaks
    • Reworked Zombie Spawn in the basement

  • zps_haunted
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode
    • Minor AS Balance tweaking

  • zps_sapidcerebrum
    • Ascent smoothing on all staircases with player clips
    • Basement door by classroom standardized
    • Basement now opens on a timer (two minutes)
    • Lockers in dressing room are now searchable
    • Added item spawns in searchable lockers
    • Replaced obsolete ammo entities
    • Office door below sound booth fixed

  • zps_policestation
    • Added sounds to ZP doors
    • Made double doors to open/close at the same time.
    • Nerfed jail cells a little
    • Fixed jail doors getting stuck

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