v3.0.4 Changelog
  • Updated English, French and Russian translation files

  • Added sv_bot_enable
  • Added sv_vote_whitelist
  • Added cl_draw_flashlight
  • Added cl_draw_flashlight_battery
  • Added zps_spectatoronly_chat
  • Added sv_vote_kicktime
  • Added sv_vote_gagtime
  • Added sv_vote_mutetime
  • Added cl_workshop_allowdownload

  • Updated the armor half drop to be 25 as mininmum
  • Updated prop_door_rotating not being networked properly
  • Updated zps.exe where it checks if QT (QuickTime) is installed
  • Updated AS logger to display timestamps
  • Updated latejoining to be 1 minute instead of 10 seconds

  • Fixed crouch jumping and gamemovement in general not functioning properly
  • Fixed GameUI crashing when video settings were applied
  • Fixed server freezing up when someone joined or disconnected
  • Fixed where DiscordRPC was not shutdown properly
  • Fixed player selection screen not reading the BIO properly when in-game
  • Fixed spectators being able to "steal" zombie lives
  • Fixed where the round wouldn't end if "Choose Next Map" voting appeared
  • Fixed max rounds being read incorrectly
  • Fixed where weapons and items would randomly flicker with white glow
  • Fixed env_blood trying to read outdated "alien" code instead of the human blood
  • Fixed zombie, human and spectator join triggers not working as intended
  • Fixed zps.exe mistaking WinVista as WinXP
  • Fixed zombie arms when the player is on the human team
  • Fixed where players could ram into barricades, and break them apart (or any physics object)
  • Fixed human HUD eating alot of FPS
  • Fixed where human HUD would appear when spectating
  • Fixed IED and frag grenades not being able to be thrown under water
  • Fixed SCRDS crashing on boot on Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Fixed weapon_arms and weapon_carrierarms being duplicated on spawn
  • Fixed scoreboard causing players to crash due to "Image table" was not initialized in time
  • Fixed survivors playing their "idle" sounds when waiting for players
  • Fixed an exploit where pistols could fire faster than they are supposed to
  • Fixed cam_ related command spam on startup
  • Fixed weapons, or any physics item, randomly glowing if the player respawn or rejoin the server
  • Fixed where leg slowdown would reduce the speed incorrectly when running
  • Fixed console trying to show custom HEX colors
  • Fixed ent_remove and ent_remove_all being able to delete player entities
  • Fixed IED and grenades being able to kill teammates if the player who owned the explosive was killed or disconnected
  • Fixed being able to plant an IED on top of another IED
  • Fixed grenades duplicating if the player threw it when they died
  • Fixed grenades not exploding if the player died while having the grenade primed

  • Added Engine.SetForceIntermission
  • Added Engine.GetRoundStatus
  • Added Engine.RunConsoleCommand
  • Added CHL2MP_Player@ ConColor
  • Added hook OnEntityCreation
  • Added hook OnEntityDestruction
  • Added Vote.ThrowError
  • Added CGameTrace
  • Added Color

  • Fixed Engine.Ent_Fire not sending AddOutput properly
  • Fixed Math::RandomFloat returning -NaN instead of the actual value
  • Fixed ASSQL not printing any errors

  • Updated the API ( https://api.zombiepanicsource.com/ )

  • zpo_shreddingfield
    • Fixed where the map used a lot of unneeded edicts

  • zpo_harvest
    • Fixed where you could block the doors using the props to team kill everyone in the room
    • Fixed "super jump" bridge exploit
    • Updated the basement wall explosion

  • zps_thrillvile
    • Fixed the wall climb issue outside
    • Fixed func_ladder

  • zps_cinema
    • Added clip above the bookshelves
    • Fixed Z ladder in Cinema 3
    • Made 2 doors that can't be broken easier to see

  • zps_sapidcerebrum
    • Added a pipe in arch hall
    • Cubemap fixes
    • Lobby Spawn fixes
    • Some weapons shifting
    • Door fix
    • Changed 2 cabinets to shelves in prop room
    • Light origin fixes
    • Ladder fix
    • Sledgehammer Restored to original placement

  • zpo_aquatica
    • Updated zombie respawn delay to 3 sec when there are 3 zombies

  • zpo_zomboeing
    • Fixed double sprites
    • Set outdoor lightmaps to 16
    • Turned CSM back on
    • Fixed vent textures, and one vent being too small
    • Added some detail props around elevator

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