The one blue door in the basement of the gun store seems to have a player clip to prevent people from glitching/griefing the door. Problem is this clip does not resent properly on new round start so people can lean against the door. The issue here is that this basement door might have a push trigger which can push survivors into walls or the ground nearby resulting them being stuck and burn to death. 

Orphanage's idea is to let the door open towards survivors and of course adding a hurt trigger on that door for those who try to block it (maybe 5 hp per sec).

Other idea would be to add cades similar to those on Corpsington so survivors have to break them instead waiting for the door to open on its own. Problem would be to set the strength of those cades corretly so the time to break them equals the current door timer.
This door can be only opened from the other side which is problematic.

The objective item (food item) spawns behind this door so the ONLY way atm to pick up the item is by going through the back door which can ruin an entire round since survivors look for the food inside the market and not the tiny backstorage area.

Either allows this door to be opened from both sides after survivors open the main door or remove the objective spawn in this area since so far people only wasted ammo and time and haven't been able to leave the market just because of this door (also there is a door handle, it makes even less sense you can not open it from this side)

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   03-02-2018, 02:33 AM

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