[FEEDBACK] zps_clubzombo
Ohohoho boys and girls, welcome to yet another feedback thread where I complain about certain things.
However this thread is that special thread where I get none enjoyment but hate towards the map itself.

Yes, I wrote that with all capital letters, because the music itself is just...Jesus christ, annoying as hell. Its a loud music that keeps repeating over and over again. There is no variation on music, despite of the fact game files has 2 or 3 additional tracks available for the map. Not to mention, the music made by KillahMo gets silenced whenever starting playing on that map because of specific entity.
Sure, some people will be like:
Quote:Yo dude, you can just mod the game files and place an null sound for that music, so ya can just silenced, brah.
Sure. I can. But think about newcomers and those who has no idea how to modificate the game. 
They will be like: "How can I silence this music, because I dont like it, due my taste or whatever?" Thankfully, not many people actually asked me this question but I would assume some people never ask other people and got that bloody question in their minds.

The club music is also causes me a severe headache and this is forces me to use my painkillers which these are also not that cheap in my country.

Chairs is like one of the major causes of death of survivors or zombies. All of em are dynamic and you can push em off anywhere you wish. There was also few griefers who just enjoy throwing chair behind someone and let that someone get destroyed by zombies, because he cant fall back and watch his back because of zombies in his sights.

Extremely painful to play as zombie.
This is a second part where it bothers me a lot and no wonder why most players accept this as "trash map".
Zombies literally gets gunned down if they drop down on dance floor, because survivors camp entire second floor or mostly near VIP bar.
Not to mention, you have to crouch so you can move up and drop on dance floor but while you are crouching, you can get shot right away and possibly die while dropping down or so.
   01-12-2018, 02:00 AM

Quote:But there is a ventilation system available for zombies!
Yeah well, you never know if you gonna get gunned down as soon as you get of that vent.
A good example would be me, camping that vent and waiting when zombie will drop down, so I can just get my free kill real quick and thats it.
   01-12-2018, 02:00 AM

There is also a hole in roof, allowing you to jump down on balcony. This is mostly a safest choose for zombie, but even then, if survivors decides to camp outside near wooden fence, you can get shot from there as well. You can also drop down on ground near main entrance but again, you can get shot from position where people can camp near that wooden fence.

There is also an additional spawn room available right behind human spawn. You just need to break a vent system aaaaaaaand get shot in face right away, because you need to crouch and walk out, and this is where it takes some time for zombie to get out, especially when he has no idea how to crouch and\or takes way too long. Oh yes, you can get shot from same spot again. There is no other way for zombies, they are forced to get out using exactly that vent.

Even if we cut all that spawning crap away, there is almost no cover for zombies at all. They can group up and hope not to get shot when they take the staircase and walk up to DJ room, but as soon as they move further to VIP bar, they can get shot easily, because tables do not protect you. Sure, you can dodge their bullets when you crouch it down but when survivors realize that, they come closer just to finish you off.

The only way to try to win this map is get at least 3-4 kills while survivors havent found any heavy weapons or before they actually grant access to the club by opening main entrance door. Even then, it doesnt grant you a victory because the same mentioned camp spots are OP for survivors and they easily gun down any zombies. Not to mention, even if you have good whitey on your team, the chances of zombies winning is extremely low, unless you managed to kill few survivors before them getting guns.

Guns. Lots of guns.
If you are playing on full server, you most likely will find a fine weapon to use, the same applies for other survivors. If zombies takes too long, pretty much every survivor will have a better weapon, so they can come back to the second floor and camp there. 

Barricade hammers at spawn, melee weapons as well.
I seriously dont see point of these, because there is barely anyone using melee weapons these days or only as last resort when you dont have additional firearm to kill zombie. Barricades are even more useless, because they take 2 slots and I doubt someone would enjoy himself carrying all that stuff, when they can get a better weapon instead.

The visuals.
The visuals on this map is okay, however I always disliked crapload of lights, especially on dance floor. Not to mention, all these lights keeps switching on and off all time which is extremely annoying for my eyes. I also never liked that spinning "Club Zombo" logo and similar logos like these. I get it already that I am in club, not in mental hospital or something.

I do not hate this map and the author who created this map, however, lots of flaws there and here and map itself feels like a shooting gallery. It also doesnt fit in game too well.

I am personally requesting to remove this map from official map list and their achievements from game build.
The typical survivor play area is just, way too small. Constant pressure from zombies below naturally pushes survivors upstairs, and removing access to the roof, while preventing spawncamping, it cheapens the level out. It's pretty, I loved it for the slap-chop song that was in the lobby, and the flashing lights + music+ pretty aesthetic, but it's never held peoples attention very long and I feel like for years the server mood always lulls as we all camp the DJ booth or arcade.. The whole map just takes place inside one room it seems. Not terrible, just- bland after a short time.

Needs karaoke nights.

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