Draining feed-o-meter bug.
Bug name:
Feed-o-meter depletes if player survivor\zombie died in water.

Where it happens?
Any map with water.(zpo_tanker is great example)

Does it affect anyone?
Affects only specific person who died in water.

How to reproduce:
Start zpo_tanker map, jump down in water, die, respawn as zombie and watch how your feed-o-meter slowly drains. If you try to use lunge, your feed-o-meter will drain even faster. If you are playing as zombie, simply die in water and then respawn, watch how your feed-o-meter drains as well.
I think I already mentioned it to Tabajara- but I can attest to this- happened a few times to me on zpo_area41 when dying in the water- and every life as zombie after dying my zombie lunge would drain itself- until the round ended. I was also unable to lunge at all I believe.

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