[FEEDBACK] zps_sapidcerebrum
This is just simple feedback regarding to zps_sapidcerebrum map. I am not here to bash the map and owner, simply pointing out few things and how this could be improved.

A zombie ladder for easier access to upper levels.
Getting on upper levels can be really painful, especially when there is like 4 ways to get up yet almost every single way is far away from each other, making it quite hard to chase down running survivors or arrive at certain spot.
One of places I thought it might be okay to put a zombie only ladder is between these 2 rooms on left side of theater. Here is a screenshot:
   01-07-2018, 08:40 PM
Should be somewhat easier to play at least as bait zombie who could just simply bait survivors into shooting at him while rest of zombies is either breaking door down(spawn point) or sneaks up behind. At least, I believe so.

Another zombie ladder is in front of the scene\stage(whatever you call it).
   01-07-2018, 08:43 PM
HOWEVER, it is extremely painful to climb on it. In most cases, you simply will fail to climb on it, as you need to press "use" button but since there is 2 buttons that controls light, you mostly will end up pressing on them instead and will fail to dismount from that zombie ladder. I am personally not sure if its possible to adjust this ladder but if not, I would suggest to move this zombie ladder somewhere on right where you can also get on upper level but will not drop into light booth room right away.

Basement door.
Yes, I know. The basement area is open depending on player count, but their door do not glow for some reason. You can also open that door by using "use" key as zombie which is meh.
   01-07-2018, 08:48 PM

Zombie spawning into room with breakable wall.
Exactly that zombie spawn is something that bothers me a lot.
People seem to be enjoying to camp near that door at this moment, especially when that door is half broken.

While, I havent really seen much zombies spawning there but it could be really pain in ass for them to get out, especially when 2 doors are being camped by 6 survivors. Sometimes, zombies can spawn behind wall, while survivors look at room where zombies spawn. Sure, surprises for seeing zombie appearing out of nowhere, but you never know if that survivor is armed with .357 or Winchester and if he is, pray for him to have crap aim and not to put you down in less than 3 seconds.
You can also push barricades from another room(Storage room, if you may?) just to block movement on screenshot below:
   01-07-2018, 08:54 PM
There was also a case when zombie could get stuck by spawning inside of chair prop, though, you need to push that chair or do blast damage to move chair, if you want to try your luck and make zombie stuck like on this screenshot:
   01-07-2018, 08:56 PM

Furniture storage room.
Yes, you can die by sofa. This happens in furniture storage. You need to either jump and then try to walk off from sofa and after that you magically get yourself killed. So far, this is only Survivors suffering this issue, I havent really tried that as zombie yet but will do later on. I would suggest to put a player clip around these shelfs and get rid of func_breakable on them, since player clip will block players trying to get on top of it.
Here is a video:

Breakable boxes: I would suggest to remove these boxes and replace them with better looking boxes and make them unbreakable as well. Sometimes, low end PC users can suffer FPS loss if lots of boxes exploding at same time to produce their gibs.
Other furniture could also have a flag not pushable to prevent dudes blocking off entrance leading to zombie spawn I mentioned above.

There might be few other spots that would concern me but that is all I have collected so far atm.
The map itself in general is solid and it doesnt have design flaws whatsoever. Very few improvements could be added to make it perfect.
All great points- I would like to add  that the large climbable wall in the theater area that lets the zombies climb up into the stage manager booth is kind of wonky. It takes even veteran players like me a few tries before actually making it up, I don't know if this was intentional but- the ladders already have you moving slow, and then most zombies accidentally fall back down once they get to the top- basically doing anything but continuing to hold up for a few more seconds when it looks like you've reached the top, causes you to fall back down. Ladders in general have been kind of weird since the update, at least for me. I'm used to jumping off the ladder in the direction I want to start moving and this usually just throws me to the bottom of the ladder- but that's less of an issue here on this map, but when trying to move forward over the top of the ladder entity it seems to cause issues.
Great feedback as always, Orphanage.

As of 3.0.5, the "usable" ladder is gone. It shouldn't require a use, now - see if the most current ladder is behaving better.

We will definitely take a look at the issues brought up - thanks so much for the feedback.
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