[PACK] Classic viewmodels for ZPS3.0 + Extras.
Istariana vilseriol!

I am pretty sure there is still few players who just love old school\classic viewmodels from old versions of ZP!S(From 1.0 up to 1.5 if I recall correctly) and they really wish to play with these viewmodels instead of current viewmodels.

So here it is, a model pack with old Eugene hands including old animations and few more extras, such as Over&Under from Contagion, old texture icons for inventory, HUD for both teams.

You can view screenshots and download the package from Workshop page here.

  • JonnyBoy0719 - helping with questions regarding to coding and weapon modding.

  • Luken - private server hosting for testing purposes.

  • Orphanage - porting, rigging, tweaked animations, tweaked sounds.

  • Reborn - huge help about Soucre modding in general. Updated AK47, Glock, Glock18c, frag grenades, MP5, SuperShorty, USP, PPK, sound tweaks, Over&Under sounds from Contagion.

  • TheRar for his replica version of M4.

  • Shepard - helping with few concerns, playtesting.

  • Whoever made old weapons and animations for them.

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