Bug name:
Helicopter lands despite of the fact there is no survivors present on helipad yet they are hiding somewhere on map.

Where it happens?

Does it affect anyone?
Survivors. They grant victory.

How to reproduce:
Not entirely sure how this can be reproduced, but this is how it happened:
Me and Magnus along with rest of zombies stormed and cleared out helipad of survivors. The survivors managed to trigger alarm and lockdown but got killed afterwards. After that, everything was clear, no survivors in sight. We double checked every single corner(and security room along with lockers) to see if any survivors is hiding there. There was nobody at all but just zombies. Once gates got closed, the helicopter decided to land, despite of the fact the HUD-MSG said "there is no survivors on helipad, helicopter leaves". After that, the game ended with survivor team winning the round. I checked scoreboard and saw only one survivor was still left somewhere on map.

   01-07-2018, 05:55 PM <- Helicopter lands, despite of fact there is lots of zombies around it.

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