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[Released]  Rock the Vote w/ Nomination
Plugin Version1.0.0
Plugin CategoryAdmin Commands
Plugin DescriptionRock The vote or Nominate to the next map.
You simply copy the into zps/data/scripts/plugins/ and then simply modify zps/default_plugins.txt

        "name" "Rock the Vote"
        "script" "rtv"

After the plugin has been loaded, a default rockthevote.zpdata will be created under zps/data/custom/, open it up, and modify it. Or you can copy the default values below, and change them accordingly. (Remember to save it as rockthevote.zpdata)

		"player_percentage"		"80"
		"countdown"		"15"
		"waittimer"		"30"
		"mode"		"1"

player_percentage -- How many players needed, in total percent, required to start the vote
countdown -- How many seconds until the vote should being
waittimer -- When map have just started, players need to wait until they can vote (in seconds)
mode -- If set to 1, it will change the map after the round is over, if 0, it will change directly on vote end.

I've first tried this and looks like I can rtv only me on the server. Could you make some kind of "min players on server" to enable rtv? Even with player_percentage set to 80 doesn't work when you're all alone.

BTW, you should be able to at least nominate a map while waittimer is counting down. I typed 'nominate' and it said like "You need to wait X seconds to start Rock the Vote." I didn't really RTV, I wanted to just nominate a map first to leave it registred.

Thank you for working on this!
It would also be great if you could nominate when the countdown-to-vote timer is counting down- IE MAP VOTE IN 30 SECONDS- and it doesnt let you nominate anymore. Extra text commands like "Map vote in 30 seconds! Type "nominate zpo_map" to include your favorite map in the vote!" might help too because it seems a lot of people still aren't familiar with nominating and RTV'ing with the new system

Also if 'timeleft' and 'nextmap' could be made to work through this as well that'd be cool.

Also Also- If maps you nominate for RTV would carry over to mapchooserEX- that'd be great. It stinks when you have 6/8 RTV's with maps nominated, and the regular mapvote comes along and none of the nominated maps are there- causing the server to go to something else.

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