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[WIP] zps_volleyball / zps_van_dodgeball
I'm working on porting volleyball to 3.0, and would appreciate any feedback on changes people would like to see in the map.

Firstly, which name should the updated version use? The original concept was far closer to volleyball than dodgeball, but over time it changed to what you now see.

If you have any other feedback, please feel free to share it.


Some changes I've already made:
  • Survivors no longer take damage when falling into the pit, unless they jump in or are launched in by a van.
  • Barriers are no longer placed 'randomly'. They are all in a line, but still only appear two at a time.
  • The tunnel has had a major revamp. I'll let you find out for yourselves what that means. Smile
  • Survivors start only with melee weapons, and random melee weapons will spawn in the melee dispensers.
  • Of course, fixed filters to be compatible with ZPS 3.0.
  • Several small changes (Such as "Why the heck was there a random ammo box flying around the map? O.o")
  • Random Events timers have been reduced significantly (Was between 3-8 minutes, is now 1-4 minutes).
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Super excited! This map was always a good time.

If anything, variety in cars and vans would be cool. Different speed 'volleyballs' and the such would be cool.

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