Sending us Crash Dumps (Windows)/Core Dumps (Linux)
Crash Dumps (Windows)
[You can find Core Dumps (Linux) tutorial below.]

There's likely to be crashes that we never experienced during development, so we'll need your help fixing them. What we need you to do is find crash dumps (for "zps.exe", or "srcds.exe" for dedicated servers), if any were created, and send them to us so our programmers can review them.

This post explains how Windows users can do that for us. (You can find the Core Dumps (Linux) tutorial post below.)

Where are crash dumps located?
You can find crash dumps in the "dumps" folder in the root of your Steam directory.

The default directory will be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\dumps

Which crash dumps do I send?
You'll want to look for crash dumps that are for "zps.exe", or "srcds.exe" if your crash was on a dedicated server. We won't be able to open and use the crash dumps for other files, so don't send any others to us.

Also pay attention to the dates on the crash dumps, because we won't be able to open and use old crash dumps from previous versions of the game.[/b][/b]

Important information to include with your crash dumps:
It's very important that you tell us what happened during these crashes too, if you can remember. The more specific and clear you can be about it, then the easier it will be for us to figure out what the problem is (if the crash dump doesn't help us).

So please be sure to include any information you can regarding the crashes you experienced![/b][/b]

How to send crash dumps to us:
There's a few ways you can send crash dumps to us. You can send them via email, post them on a free download site, or host them on your own cloud storage (such as Dropbox).

Post Attachment (here on these forums):
You could just attach your crash dump directly to the post you make on these forums.

You can send the crash dumps to our support email account. Please title the email something like "Crash dumps", so it's easy for us to see what the email is relating to.

Also be sure to provide a link in the email to your thread on our forums, if you created one.

Support Email Address:

Cloud Storage:
You're welcome to host the files on your own cloud storage programs, such as Dropbox or Google Drive - and send the links to us.

You can just create a thread here on our forums, and post the links to the files in your thread.

File hosting website:
There's plenty of file hosting websites that you could post the files onto for us to retreive. But this will probably be the most inconvenient for you and us, because some websites require an email address or account on their website to post, or even sometimes download, the files.

If you've posted the files on a website like this, then you can just create a thread here on our forums and post the links in it..[/b][/b]

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