AS Scripts Suggestions
I am making this thread to give suggestions for those who are better at doing this than I am. You might find some idea's to be decent and start working on it or you might look into it later. I will eventually add more idea's as the time goes past.

1. Voting 
There should be atleast 3 different votes and that is [ 1 ] Rock the vote [ 2 ] Call mute [ 3 ] Call Kick ( not so necessary ) If you have at least the two first then it's really all good. But if there is a player griefing there is a need for kick or eventually ban.

2. In-Game Admin
I am requesting this as I am hosting my own server and sometimes It's useful to be able to use the commands in-game or having that second admin friend to help you out. With commands as 
* Kick / Mute / Ban
* Teleport ( some people have gotten stuck )
* more to come

3.  To be continued
Mute and Kick vote alreaddy exist (callvote mute name and callvote kick name).
The build in admin system comes with kick ban mute and gag. check admin help in console. Afaik rtv / nominate is in work by Jonny.

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