Server Crashes - Threadtools.cpp (3294)
I am running our dedicated servers on Windows 2012 and Windows 10 (using Windows 10 also for testing as the Windows Server versions have been crashing) and in both instances I am experiencing random server crashes.  I am running vanilla servers (no SourceMod) with all stock maps.  I have tried with both no plugin and AS plugins as available in these forums.  I performed a fresh install after the 3.01 release with the same results.  The current error that I am seeing is the following:

threadtools.cpp (3294) : Assertion Failed: Illegal termination of worker thread 'Thread(0x6BDE0E98/0x000005B8/0x'  ):threadtools.cpp 3294

I attached a sanitized server config (changed to .txt), however you will see that it essentially is the default server config that is provided with the initial installation.  Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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Most of these server crashes has now been dealt with, the next patch (3.0.2) should hopefully fix the issues you are having. Smile

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