[Linux] Making a ZPS 3.0 dedicated server
Important disclamer first

I'm gonna assume that SteamCMD is already downloaded and installed and you know how to use it, if not, read the page about it in Valve Developer Community's wiki.

Installing the dedicated server

The only thing you need to know is the ZPS Dedicated Server AppID for SteamCMD which is "17505".

Running the dedicated server

Some servers operators were trying to use the "srcds_linux" executable directly and this is incorrect, you need to use the "srcds_run" shell script which act as a "launcher".

If you got a crash about "CXXABI" with "libstdc++" and/or other crashes, please read this topic.

For the command-line stuff, VDC has a good page about that here, I recommend having "-steam" so that your server is visible on the servers list and to make sure the achievements works, "-maxplayers X" and "+map <mapname>". Some people might need to add "-ip" and/or "-port" to force the IP address and/or port.
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