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My understanding is that ZPS 3.0 will have its own internal scoring system.  Will there be the capability of server owners to leverage the scoring system with an external database (MySQL) much like what you would see with scoring systems such as HLSTATSX, Rankme etc?  The idea behind this would be to allow for server owners / communities to use the data to do things such as posting Player Rankings / Leaderboards directly to their Community Websites?

If this capability will not be feasible, can SourceMod still be leveraged with ZPS 3.0 for server owners who want to use Sourcemod based scoring plugins?

Any information on this would be much appreciated.
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Yes. You are able to grab player current score via AngelScript (not yet documented on the API, due we are still working on the API doc), and then use AS SQL to send the info to your database.
I think better used AngelScript as base for plugins. Because he more powerful that Pawn (Class, Method's, Interface, etc)
If someone could develop an AS plugin for ranking, I think the community would be extremely grateful. The requirements for the plugin would be as such:

- Rank calculated with the ability to store the data on a MySQL database capturing the following data elements
* Player Name
* Steam ID
* Last IP
* Score
* Kills
* Deaths
* Last Connection Date/Time
* Total Play Time
- Typing in 'rank' to display Player Rank out of total players
- Typing in 'top10' to show the top 10 Player Rankings

Any additional data captured would be awesome (weapons used, head shots, human killed, zombies killed, etc). Thanks again everyone for collaborating and helping to create such a great game and community.
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I can help ya on that, won't really take long. Send a DM via Discord if there is anything else. Cheers. Smile

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