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[Released]  Damage Info
Plugin Version1.2.0
Plugin CategoryStatistical
Plugin DescriptionThis plugin will print info who damage whom and how much damage was dealt. Note this was mainly created for debugging purposes. Especially the Damage Debug.
the folder dmg_info is missing and then move the into the folder and it should find it.
HEy. Yeah. Looks like it's working to me, time to really play with it now. Thanks a bunch- wouldn't of had any idea it needed to be in a folder, looking at the script in default_plugins, it kind of makes sense now.

] as_listplugins
[AS] Angelscript Plugin List
"Map Chooser Extended"[S] (1.0.6) By JonnyBoy0719
"Voting System"[H] (1.0.1) By JonnyBoy0719
"Rock The Vote"[H] (1.0.0) By JonnyBoy0719
"Damage Info"[H] (1.0.0) By Unknown Author
] ascmd debug_damage 1
Command does not exist.
] ascmd toggle_debug_damage 1
[DMGINFO]: Enabled Damage Debug
] ascmd toggle_debug_death 1
[DMGINFO]: Enabled Death Debug

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