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[Released]  Map Chooser Extended
Plugin Version1.0.6
Plugin CategoryServer Management
Plugin DescriptionExtended version of MapChooser
Plugin Information
It works similar to the Map Chooser that comes with ZPS, but this one changes the 5th slot to either increase the time, or the round. This can be changed inside the plugin to suit your needs!

But it also comes with new features, which are similar to the old AMXX map chooser and SM Extended Map Chooser. Smile
  • A Countdown to the actual vote
  • Sound countdown (Optional, can be toggled off)
  • Choose to either add more rounds, or increase the timer (the gamemode rounds must be set higher than 0 to make use of the rounds variant!)

Plugin Installation
You simply copy the into zps/data/scripts/plugins/ and then modify zps/default_plugins.txt. (NOTE: Don't forget to comment out, or remove, the MapChooser that is already included!)

		"name" "Map Chooser Extended"
		"script" "MapChooserEx"
		"lifetime" "SERVER"

Change log

2018-01-03 | 1.0.6

  • Added config file
  • Added round support
  • Fixed some bugs related to timelimit

2017-09-14 | 1.0.5
  • Updated the hooks to use the new method
  • Re-wrote some functions to fix some loopholes
  • Fixed where it wouldn't grab the timelimit if the timelimit was set as 0 on server initial bootup
  • Fixed where the numbers it was displaying on the chat was incorrect
  • Added Color support for the chat messages

2017-09-14 | 1.0.4
  • Updated to the latest revision (Added Plugin author, version and name)

2017-08-25 | 1.0.3
  • Fixed some typos where it would cause the plugin to stop working

2017-08-19 | 1.0.2
  • Added Cvars
  • Updated the hooks to the latest revision

2017-08-11 | 1.0.1
  • Fixed "Case found ',' but expected ':'" error
  • Added Say hook (!timeleft, /timeleft and timeleft)
  • Fixed typos in PluginInit()
  • Moved the download & Precache down to MapInit() instead
Good stuff! Very simple fitting with ZPS theme. I approve this new plugin!
The plugin doesn't quite function correctly on hardcore mode. I'm not sure why that is, but maybe it's due to the hardcore timer.

When you change level to a hardcore map, the timer to vote is apparently set to 5 mins. Because ~1 min after changing the level, a message will appear in chat saying "[Map Chooser]4 minutes left until map vote!". I think once a round actually starts playing, that timer will be set appropriately.

There should also be a limit on the amount of times that you can extend the map, if that's hasn't already been done.
Woops, I forgot to make a function value that checks for Hardcore mode, will fix that up.
Hardcore Mode messes something up still. When enabled it switches maps too soon.
I have an issue occasionally, usually after server restart where the mapchooser in chat says 25 minutes until map change! and then a map-vote is called by the server for the next map, which changes map next round despite 20+ minutes still remaining. This is running just RTV, MapchooserEX and AHP- This is on my linux server. My guess is a timer from before the server crash is still running once the server restarts, otherwise IDK why mapvote would happen on its own 3-5 minutes after server restart.

Also I get this with callvote map sometimes- [Map Chooser] The next map will be: #ZPS_vote_yes_pc_instruction

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