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Form submission: Team Application
Applying for Position(s): Playtester

Did someone refer you here, and who?: Nobane

Name: Pillz

Age: 25

Location: Virginia, USA

Experience with ZPS: Almost 4500 hours logged on Steam at this point, 1000+ of those this last year here. First started playing in 2009 when old Projectninety demanded I play and join the SKG server, and it wasn't long before I was running one of their dead servers and brought it back to life. Ever since then I've been running a server in some shape or form~ SKG died, I ran KAT, which later merged with CTC and POD to become (=CG=), where I shortly jumped back in and ran their ZPS server up until it died with 3.0 last December. Currently still running the nuSKG servers, which are about to undergo some serious changes as Sacmo pulls funding and I'll be upgrading the virtual server and paying for it all myself. That said, I won't have any issue keeping things confidential regarding ZPS playtesting.

Skills: FTP experience, fluid with ZPS game files, good understanding of gameplay, easy to work with and talk to~

Prior Experiences: PT experience? I did help Playtest for a source mod an old friend developed- it sadly never came to fruition and still has a MOD DB page somewhere- but that was like 7 years ago now. Everything else was ZPS, testing maps and shoving my opinion at the mappers like Tabajara back in the day. Been trying my best to help Baty and Domo and the others as they work on the more recent things.

Examples of Work: No personal work- I mean I made a few crappy maps in Hammer in the past but haven't tried anything recently. Catch me in the comments section for Taba's maps and many others in workshop and FPS Banana.

<b>Playtester Rules & Guidelines Agreement</b>: <b>Yes, I have read the <i>Playtester Rules & Guidelines</i> and I agree to these terms/conditions</b>


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