Some Jump Glitch Spots..
[Plz dont mind my poor English.]
      Hey threre! Recently i found people posted some pictures in discord. In the pics they were able to get through the map. And they said they did it by chance. So.. Im trying to figure out how to do that.

       At first, Lets see some pictures after i found the correct way to perform the glitch.

====ZPH MAPS====
[Image: plQRcdGTg]

(If u want to do this, Don't forget to hold S when u perform the glitch.)
(Its too high for zombies to hurt you.)

[Image: pmorz4Weg]
[Image: plPbhCODg]
[Image: pofBvRhzg]

(A good way to get to the roof.
It works for every this kind of prop in the house..)

[Image: pouhx8K5g]

(If u do that correctly, Zombies cant hurt you too Big Grin)

====ZPO MAPS====
For the most zpo maps, Jump glitch can make you invinsible, But.. you cant get back!

[Image: pomfiqPEg]
[Image: plESR2rEg]
[Image: poxlo2M5g]

(Though u cant get back , you are able to enjoy the beauty of ocean. )

[Image: pnKTxVX9g]
(After you grabbed weapon in this smal room, you can go second floor in this way.)

[Image: pnDe6Q3hg]

(I saw purlple girl posted this spot in discord.)

[Image: poXMTszcg]
[Image: pm1k13Sng]
[Image: pokfKYc2g]
(You can also do that in another three ways.)

[Image: pnMmr5pHg]
[Image: pmUgqVJWg]
[Image: pn5eiMKHg]
(These 3 spots are useful. you can ignore objectives to go outside or escape from zombies attack.)

[Image: pmPcpU5Lg]
(A good way to go second floor. If zombie blocked the stairs.  )

[Image: pmnjde1hg]
(If you dont wanna fight... You can come here.)

[Image: pmstzmwng]
[Image: pnEqdBN0g]
(Once you get out the map, you cant get back.
But its also a good idea to hide. Dodgy )

[Image: pm16izmug]
(Zomboeing spot.)

====ZPS MAPS====
For zps maps, You can get out of map to waste time. Until you win.

[Image: pndpMDrug]
[Image: poSMR8M1g]

(Two spots to hide.)

[Image: pnhb4K73g]
(When you have nowhere to escape. You can hide here for a shot while. But be careful, zombies can hurt you by jumping. And rooftop is also a Zrespawn area.)

[Image: pnhnfzNwg]

[Image: pnEs2krCg]
[Image: pljxl31Vg]

(Some spots in Cinema..)

[Image: plKsLDl5g]
(You can almost get through every this kind of prop.)

[Image: pl9THwjWg]

(A faster way to get up there.)

[Image: pl03DBZRg]
(This is not about jump glitch.. Just how to get on the bus.
If zombies want to hurt you,They need to jump on some props.
Cuz we all know Human's movement is more flexible.
I mean.. Zombies cant use the same way to get on the bus.)
Well, I really think this map need to be fixed.
Because ....Almost every desks on the first floor are able to get through.
[Image: pnw4fXpbg]

(This is how you escape from basement to second floor..)

[Image: pmZ6BHyGg]
(Here are two examples in Zps_Haunted, There are still lots of spots to get through. Maybe we should make the second floor a little bit higher.)

      Yeah.. So above pictures are the spots founded by me. (Except that one in biotec.) 
Now,Lets talk about the Glitch.
You can see the differences among "Normal jump" "Crouch Jump" "Jump Glitch"
 [Image: plsM0dSpg]
As you can see,The Jump Glitch can make you jump higher.
So we use this technique to get out some spot..

            Whats the same point with these spots?   When you jump, Your Head should be able to touch the ceiling. (BUT, not fully touched, There are still little space between ur head and ceiling.)            
Lets compare two pictures.
[Image: poXoJjeDg]
[Image: pnVCL2hAg]

(A get-through spot should be look like..
You can focus on "Pos")

[Image: plc65wlhg]
[Image: pmuxc2uRg]
(Like this spot, The space between ur head and ceiling is too far.
Obviously u cant get out of it.)
(Also, if there is a spot you cant stand up. Dont waste ur time. Thats not a jump glitch spot.)
[b]But for some Offical Maps, The ceilng between you and outside just like a piece of paper.I mean... [/b]
[b]It is too short...its not thick.[/b]
"Distance between ur head and ceiling + ceiling's depth" decide whether you can get through.
[b]So. Is make building high enough a good idea to avoid the Jump Glitch?[/b]

And... How to perform the glitch?
After looking into it. You just need to:
"Press Ctrl then release it"
"At the same time,Press space then ctrl".

            Some tips about the Jump Glitch:
1.About the first crouch.
(Dont fully crouch yourself.)
2.For the most of time,You will stuck in the wall.
[Image: pn0suCSMg]
But A successful Jump Glitch can make ur whole body out of the map.  Smile
Why u will stuck in the wall?
You just need to find the best timing for the first crouch.
Dont release too early,and dont fully crouch yourself.

For Zpo maps,Stay out of maps may be useless.
Cuz you cant get back, The only thing you can do is typing "kill" in console to kill urself.
But for Zps maps ,It allows you to survive 15mins in safety.
And some other spots which can noclip props are also useful.
It may break the game balance.
So... I just posted them. I hope that it can improve zps become better.
Can't wait for 3.1 version. 

(A little question... How can i be a playtester...Keep looking for bugs or some other things..?Though i only have 400+ hours  played-time.
But i also want to make some contributions for Zombie Panic! Source. Big Grin )
dem glitches, going to see if I can solve this for v3.1, cheers for posting it!

About the PT question, you can apply @ and you can also join us on Discord
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