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Form submission: Team Application - karl-police - 01-27-2019

Applying for Position(s): Playtester

Did someone refer you here, and who?: NeoAssassin

Name: Karl

Age: 17

Location: Switzerland

Experience with ZPS: I've played Zombie Panic! Source since I was a child. If you would check my Steam profile and go to my screenshot section, you should be able to find very old screenshots.

I've actually met friends there that I still talk to today, be in Steam chat or something. It is one of the reasons why I have [GER] in my steam name.

Basically yeah, I play this game since 2011, if I'm correct. It was the beginning of learning the internet and gaming, and I can still reflect what I did when I was young and I can understand stuff now, since I'm older than I was before in 2011, its really nice. ZPS was a game I really enjoyed and I played it a lot.

ZPS wasn't the only game I played though.

I basically know mostly everything in ZPS.

Skills: I can code, LUA and stuff

I've done the basics HTML, CSS, Javascript

I'm currently learning Javascript and I do the CSS on Subreddits on Reddit. I've also helped deadmau5 together with others while he livestreamed, the language we helped him was C++ and tbh, I have to learn a lot before I can develope properly in C++ because there are a lot of things that are different from other languages, especially in LUA. Even if LUA is something from C++ that you embed into your applicaton.

In the past somewhere when I was like very young, I did something in Java for a Minecraft plugin.

But I've did a lot of stuff in LUA.

I am able to find bugs.
I can use Hammer Editor and I've heard about that script you can put in your maps, not sure what language it was. I've also tried to do something with SourcePawn and I tested it once too on a test server.

I speak 4 languages.

I have a drawing pad that I used and yeah, I do have a drawing pad that I can use to draw stuff. I like to draw, thats also something I liked since I was a child too. It would actually be interesting to get a Concept Artist, since they draw stuff and find like new ideas, very interesting.
But I choosed Playtester for now.

Prior Experiences: ?

Isn't this question the same like in Skills, I'm not sure.

If I look up Prior it means, previous experiences, but I'm not sure about previous experiences, why are those important anyways right now Smile

I actually also did beta game tests before, actually a game but I'm not sure if I can say the name of the game.

Examples of Work: I have work on the steam workshop, https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038878819/myworkshopfiles/

I've already done textures, sound, maps, models
even for VR Chat and other games. I've also played around with Unity.
I've tried to port a map from SCP CB into the Source Engine

I also made plugins written in LUA for GMOD, for a gamemode called CW:HL2RP

and yeah

I translated the achievements from English to German very carefully.

So Smile I was talking about of my past right? Smile

That also counts as work right, because I was in that video and helped so it's some kind of work, I just wanted to share this, it's an old video and I actually appear there as a whitey, my name is found in the credits at the end of the video.
But the video is in german.

Otherwise I help other people and stuff, I'm literally everywhere and I don't want to mention any further.

Playtester Rules & Guidelines Agreement: Yes, I have read the Playtester Rules & Guidelines and I agree to these terms/conditions