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there are people that would love zp - yeflynne - 12-24-2018

multiplayer survival horror done well is a dream come true. when my brother and i first played zombie panic it was unlike any other experience. the actual tension and excitement and fun of navigating a dark environment with limited ammo, like an actual survivor would, akin to the original resident evil games but you get to team up with your friends.

knowing that there are millions of OG resident evil fans, i know that there are so many people that would love to play this game but they just havent heard about zombie panic yet!!

so i am going to spread the word about zombie panic through the communities i know

i honestly feel better prepared to survive a zombie apocalypse having played this game.

RE: there are people that would love zp - Mage - 02-18-2020

If you mean the classic zombie panic. Yes it would be nice to it being played constantly again.
Although I don't really think that it should deserve that much of attention these days. of course,on the old days you had all the right to do so.

now if you mean "Zombie Panic! Source",yeah now there I agree with you even more. If this game had the playerbase of when it totally exploded on playercount,oh boy.

Love checking out this page :) - FrankJScott - 11-26-2020

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