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The old Forum and Website? - daMichl - 10-04-2018

I just wanted to know why theres still the Old Website and Forum? I saw recently someone did also post something there.

I figure this Forum and Webpage is now the official one? shouldn't there be a redirect to the new Pages and maybe a migration of users and data from the old forum?

RE: The old Forum and Website? - Reborn - 10-05-2018

I belive that the reason to move to the new website and forum was that the "zombiepanic.org" website and forum are using outdated web engine, which has security issues. Plus nobody maintained them properly, nor updated the information there for years.
Plus the new forum is more comfortable to navigate than the old one.

RE: The old Forum and Website? - Casei - 10-06-2018

We also didn't have access to that original domain for a long time, though I'm not sure if that's changed or not.