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Form submission: Team Application - Triviality - 11-16-2020

Applying for Position(s): Playtester

Did someone refer you here, and who?: Aoiochuu

Name: Thomas O

Age: 20

Location: United States

Experience with ZPS: Been playing since I was young from when it dropped around Left 4 Dead. Been waiting for 3.1 for a while and have played many a day.

Skills: I actually am good at playing ZPS and have good discourse when it comes to balance and ideas

Prior Experiences: None really. Conker and Other players at the time of this post can vouch for me being active and good at the game

Examples of Work: https://streamable.com/ldu3f1





<b>Playtester Rules & Guidelines Agreement</b>: <b>Yes, I have read the <i>Playtester Rules & Guidelines</i> and I agree to these terms/conditions</b>