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Information v3.0.7 Changelog & ZPS OST DLC is available!
Posted by: NeoAssassin - 01-30-2018, 11:25 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Before heading to the Changelog, we'd like to present you all with the official Zombie Panic! Source Soundtrack DLC, which you can freely download and listen to!

[Image: 03a7bb527efc8c027a67cb86b93c891225dd7281.png]

  • Added "zp_deadend_grass01" detailtype to detail.vbsp
  • Added German localization

  • Updated the FGD files
  • Updated HudDeathNotice to right side of the screen
  • Updated the following physics props to be breakable:
    • models/props_wasteland/kitchen_shelf001a.mdl
    • models/props_wasteland/kitchen_shelf002a.mdl
    • models/props_junk/pushcart01a.mdl
    • models/surgeon/metalshelves01.mdl
    • models/props_wasteland/controlroom_desk001b.mdl
  • Fixed Zombie Panic! Source Dedicated Server requiring Steam Client to be installed on Windows Server

  • Added phys_pushscale being able to manipulate props if Engine.EnableCustomSettings is set to true (Disabled by default due to it causing props to freak out within triggers)
  • Added info_player_carrier entity - which spawns only the carrier when enabled
  • Added PVS mode option for player spawn points (Can be debugged via zps_debug_server 1 on a local game)
  • Added sv_allow_gravity_manipulation convar - will allow you to manipulate gravity without enabling cheats, but this will still disable achievements
  • Added sv_disablesprays convar - to completely remove the ability to use sprays on a server
  • Added a new log system (only sv_logfile 1 is required now, and will be logged into zps/logs/<date>/<map>.txt)
  • Added glow radius for item_deliver
  • Added customizable crosshairs via ZPDATA - you are now able to add your own crosshairs by creating your own zpdata file (in data/crosshairs/) and inserting the type, name, and path for the texture.

  • Removed admin_rebuild command
  • Removed cheap shadows, due to its exploitable behavior
  • Removed old HL2 and HL1 impulse commands

  • Updated Carrier instructor hints
  • Updated "Can't respawn" to move the player to spectator, instead of just throwing the error
  • Updated Steam Workshop support for servers (Now they will be able to read collections on each map change, and will update maps accordingly, if required)
  • Updated AS Plugins to load after HL2MP has been fully initialized, to prevent plugins from crashing the server if they required HL2MP related elements to be loaded
  • Updated spawn system and fixed false positives regarding disabled spawns.
  • Updated point_clientcommand and point_servercommand to blacklist all exploitable & abusable client commands
  • Updated the attack range for the following melee weapons:
    [Image: 2f4c9ef0c1b17184ecfd6d30b38b8c6cc4cfbd5f.png]
  • Updated default gravity from 600 to 570
  • Updated the mainmenu and client workshop mounting

  • Fixed old Source Ping/Latency exploit by using cl_cmdrate +30
  • Fixed winchester using the wrong weight value
  • Fixed no scooting being able to crash server if they were in Panic
  • Fixed where OnTakeDamage would cause the server to crash if the carrier became invalid (Hit & Quit on the same frame)
  • Fixed where the Feed-O-Meter would drain if the player died in water, or spawned in water.
  • Fixed melee weapons using default range for impact effects
  • Fixed where jumping would drain fatigue if zps_anti_bunnyjump was disabled
  • Fixed jumping animation event not playing
  • Fixed specific console warnings not working properly on Linux (Would only print "Message: :")
  • Fixed Achievement Dialog causing lag on initial creation, or when you switch between "goals"
  • Fixed intermission not resetting back to default state if the next map is invalid or doesn't exist
  • Fixed triggers not using the correct "base", which caused OnTouch and EndTouch outputs to not be sent properly
  • Fixed pistols not playing the animation correctly when being fired in quick succession
  • Fixed client-related crashes when connecting to servers
  • Fixed item_deliver not having any glow
  • Fixed props randomly glowing
  • Fixed zombies not spawning closer to the carrier, when they are roaring
  • Fixed Feed-O-Meter draining going crazy if the player was holding down the crouch button

  • Added Admin.SetImmunity
  • Added Admin.AddFlag
  • Added CHL2MP_Player@ SetPlayerName

  • Removed CHL2MP_Player@ ForceInfectPlayer

  • Updated Admin.AddUser

  • Updated the API ( https://api.zombiepanicsource.com/ )

  • zpo_shreddingfield
    • Fixed where survivors could block the blue door at the beginning
    • Updated the nuke sequence

  • zpo_tanker
    • Fixed zspawn issues on the last stages of the map
    • Changed some zombie doors to broken stages (1 and 2)
    • Increased the C4 explosion timer by 30sec

  • zpo_harvest
    • Removed old clips around the truck
    • Removed "last stand" objective (Survivors will now automatically fail if the truck passes by)
    • Removed old zombie clip on the truck
    • Fixed broken "climbing" on the truck

  • zpo_subway
    • Fixed unaligned textures
    • Fixed where the train would get stuck if a player blocked its path
    • Fixed an exploit where you could drop ammo or weapons in unreachable spots between the generators

  • zpo_zomboeing
    • Fixed up new zombie spawns all fancy like.
    • Added double door at tower base to keep campers from bein campers.
    • Made signs above zombie vents illusionary so they can get inside easier.
    • changed all tower ladders from useable to brush ladders
    • added ladders in jetways
    • implemented new spawn limit system for info_player_zombie
    • Fixed an exploit where you could drop ammo, weapons or the delivery items at the unreachable spot beneath the stairs

  • zpo_frozenheart
    • Added one new zombie ladder only at the fence outside closer to the gas station.
    • Tweaked ammo and weapon spawn on roof area.
    • Reduced the timer to break the metal vent in zombie spawn a little more earlier on roof section.
    • Reduced the timer to spawn zombies on the roof 8 seconds earlier.
    • Fixed one breakable door to be open for zombies only - moved this zombie spawn to the kitchen.
    • Added safe exploit fix for C4 and Box of Food items getting bugged out side of the map.
    • Added a small clip to help players jumping over the vent at the roof.
    • Replaced map's music entities as logic_music - now it will play as a soundtrack.

  • zps_corpsington
    • Fixed a brush vent height in one zombie spawn
    • Updated police car model to be interactive
    • Tweaked ammo spawns (+14 players)
    • Moved destroyed truck a bit to the right so players could move in a small area at the stairs outside.
    • Fixed weapon_barricade hammers spawning in a generator room not accessible by players

  • zps_thrillvile
    • All item_ammo_pistol replaced with random_ammo
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode

  • zps_deadend
    • Added a few player clips to make movement more smoother
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode

  • zps_town
    • Clipped off unfair camp position on light above stairs
    • Fixed minor issue with the lightmap shadows
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode

  • zps_silence
    • Removed Zombie Spawn behind the concrete fence
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode
    • Cubemaps tweaks
    • Reworked Zombie Spawn in the basement

  • zps_haunted
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode
    • Minor AS Balance tweaking

  • zps_sapidcerebrum
    • Ascent smoothing on all staircases with player clips
    • Basement door by classroom standardized
    • Basement now opens on a timer (two minutes)
    • Lockers in dressing room are now searchable
    • Added item spawns in searchable lockers
    • Replaced obsolete ammo entities
    • Office door below sound booth fixed

  • zps_policestation
    • Added sounds to ZP doors
    • Made double doors to open/close at the same time.
    • Nerfed jail cells a little
    • Fixed jail doors getting stuck

Follow us on social media at:
[Image: 257987627cf0a0406b2ec71f5bc36ab6e84e6871.png] [Image: 53e854886c24daf87ce00c248399d9c772aef39b.png] [Image: 98d8275add80ec87331d1e3d05d033bd7db028b2.png] [Image: 98bbe46c6538c4981826c2cd1849fc5e272d2777.png] [Image: 7fa572b7d48f01cb8308ce4afbd572e577117415.png]

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Information v3.0.6 Changelog
Posted by: NeoAssassin - 01-21-2018, 02:49 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies


  • Added missing translation keys for #ZP_CMD_CantRespawn
  • Fixed airport truck model using the wrong vertex shader
  • Updated zomboeing vertex shader

  • Updated the medkit model

  • Added a highlight of the ammo your currently equipped weapon uses on your ammo HUD (can be turned on/off)

  • Fixed #ZP_CMD_CantRespawn issue
  • Fixed Escape timer not reseting on round end
  • Fixed IED +use spam (or on the wrong frame), that could crash the server down
  • Fixed where players would get stuck as a zombie all the time due to their "identity" on the server would dissappear

  • Updated flashlight icon for Hardcore mode
  • Updated Angelscript SQL library (should fix the assertion being triggered on Linux)

  • zpo_zomboeing
    • Updated zombie spawn delay based on number of zombies just like cap point times.

Follow us on social media at:
[Image: 257987627cf0a0406b2ec71f5bc36ab6e84e6871.png] [Image: 53e854886c24daf87ce00c248399d9c772aef39b.png] [Image: 98d8275add80ec87331d1e3d05d033bd7db028b2.png] [Image: 98bbe46c6538c4981826c2cd1849fc5e272d2777.png] [Image: 7fa572b7d48f01cb8308ce4afbd572e577117415.png]

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Information v3.0.5 Changelog
Posted by: NeoAssassin - 01-21-2018, 02:44 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies


  • Fixed spectator only chat, where the spectators would still be able to talk to living players
  • Fixed late joining
  • Fixed thrown IED's trying to read "Owner" entity instead of "Thrower"
  • Fixed specators being able to steal zombie lives
  • Fixed callvote on gag, mute & kick being able to crash down servers if they were voted twice

Follow us on social media at:
[Image: 257987627cf0a0406b2ec71f5bc36ab6e84e6871.png] [Image: 53e854886c24daf87ce00c248399d9c772aef39b.png] [Image: 98d8275add80ec87331d1e3d05d033bd7db028b2.png] [Image: 98bbe46c6538c4981826c2cd1849fc5e272d2777.png] [Image: 7fa572b7d48f01cb8308ce4afbd572e577117415.png]

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Information v3.0.4 Changelog
Posted by: NeoAssassin - 01-21-2018, 02:41 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies


  • Updated English, French and Russian translation files

  • Added sv_bot_enable
  • Added sv_vote_whitelist
  • Added cl_draw_flashlight
  • Added cl_draw_flashlight_battery
  • Added zps_spectatoronly_chat
  • Added sv_vote_kicktime
  • Added sv_vote_gagtime
  • Added sv_vote_mutetime
  • Added cl_workshop_allowdownload

  • Updated the armor half drop to be 25 as mininmum
  • Updated prop_door_rotating not being networked properly
  • Updated zps.exe where it checks if QT (QuickTime) is installed
  • Updated AS logger to display timestamps
  • Updated latejoining to be 1 minute instead of 10 seconds

  • Fixed crouch jumping and gamemovement in general not functioning properly
  • Fixed GameUI crashing when video settings were applied
  • Fixed server freezing up when someone joined or disconnected
  • Fixed where DiscordRPC was not shutdown properly
  • Fixed player selection screen not reading the BIO properly when in-game
  • Fixed spectators being able to "steal" zombie lives
  • Fixed where the round wouldn't end if "Choose Next Map" voting appeared
  • Fixed max rounds being read incorrectly
  • Fixed where weapons and items would randomly flicker with white glow
  • Fixed env_blood trying to read outdated "alien" code instead of the human blood
  • Fixed zombie, human and spectator join triggers not working as intended
  • Fixed zps.exe mistaking WinVista as WinXP
  • Fixed zombie arms when the player is on the human team
  • Fixed where players could ram into barricades, and break them apart (or any physics object)
  • Fixed human HUD eating alot of FPS
  • Fixed where human HUD would appear when spectating
  • Fixed IED and frag grenades not being able to be thrown under water
  • Fixed SCRDS crashing on boot on Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Fixed weapon_arms and weapon_carrierarms being duplicated on spawn
  • Fixed scoreboard causing players to crash due to "Image table" was not initialized in time
  • Fixed survivors playing their "idle" sounds when waiting for players
  • Fixed an exploit where pistols could fire faster than they are supposed to
  • Fixed cam_ related command spam on startup
  • Fixed weapons, or any physics item, randomly glowing if the player respawn or rejoin the server
  • Fixed where leg slowdown would reduce the speed incorrectly when running
  • Fixed console trying to show custom HEX colors
  • Fixed ent_remove and ent_remove_all being able to delete player entities
  • Fixed IED and grenades being able to kill teammates if the player who owned the explosive was killed or disconnected
  • Fixed being able to plant an IED on top of another IED
  • Fixed grenades duplicating if the player threw it when they died
  • Fixed grenades not exploding if the player died while having the grenade primed

  • Added Engine.SetForceIntermission
  • Added Engine.GetRoundStatus
  • Added Engine.RunConsoleCommand
  • Added CHL2MP_Player@ ConColor
  • Added hook OnEntityCreation
  • Added hook OnEntityDestruction
  • Added Vote.ThrowError
  • Added CGameTrace
  • Added Color

  • Fixed Engine.Ent_Fire not sending AddOutput properly
  • Fixed Math::RandomFloat returning -NaN instead of the actual value
  • Fixed ASSQL not printing any errors

  • Updated the API ( https://api.zombiepanicsource.com/ )

  • zpo_shreddingfield
    • Fixed where the map used a lot of unneeded edicts

  • zpo_harvest
    • Fixed where you could block the doors using the props to team kill everyone in the room
    • Fixed "super jump" bridge exploit
    • Updated the basement wall explosion

  • zps_thrillvile
    • Fixed the wall climb issue outside
    • Fixed func_ladder

  • zps_cinema
    • Added clip above the bookshelves
    • Fixed Z ladder in Cinema 3
    • Made 2 doors that can't be broken easier to see

  • zps_sapidcerebrum
    • Added a pipe in arch hall
    • Cubemap fixes
    • Lobby Spawn fixes
    • Some weapons shifting
    • Door fix
    • Changed 2 cabinets to shelves in prop room
    • Light origin fixes
    • Ladder fix
    • Sledgehammer Restored to original placement

  • zpo_aquatica
    • Updated zombie respawn delay to 3 sec when there are 3 zombies

  • zpo_zomboeing
    • Fixed double sprites
    • Set outdoor lightmaps to 16
    • Turned CSM back on
    • Fixed vent textures, and one vent being too small
    • Added some detail props around elevator

Follow us on social media at:
[Image: 257987627cf0a0406b2ec71f5bc36ab6e84e6871.png] [Image: 53e854886c24daf87ce00c248399d9c772aef39b.png] [Image: 98d8275add80ec87331d1e3d05d033bd7db028b2.png] [Image: 98bbe46c6538c4981826c2cd1849fc5e272d2777.png] [Image: 7fa572b7d48f01cb8308ce4afbd572e577117415.png]

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Posted by: ninja_muffin_ - 01-17-2018, 06:23 PM - Forum: Level - Replies (1)

The one blue door in the basement of the gun store seems to have a player clip to prevent people from glitching/griefing the door. Problem is this clip does not resent properly on new round start so people can lean against the door. The issue here is that this basement door might have a push trigger which can push survivors into walls or the ground nearby resulting them being stuck and burn to death. 

Orphanage's idea is to let the door open towards survivors and of course adding a hurt trigger on that door for those who try to block it (maybe 5 hp per sec).

Other idea would be to add cades similar to those on Corpsington so survivors have to break them instead waiting for the door to open on its own. Problem would be to set the strength of those cades corretly so the time to break them equals the current door timer.

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  Anti High Ping
Posted by: XeroX - 01-15-2018, 03:26 PM - Forum: Plugins - Replies (4)

Simple Anti High Ping plugin which kicks player whos ping is above the set limit.


Extract the zip file inside your /zps/data/scripts/plugins folder

Add the plugin to the default_plugins.txt

        "name"      "Anti High Ping"
        "script"    "anti_high_ping/ahp"

New with 1.0.2 - Configuration File

With the new update the plugin will (if it doesn't exist) automatically create a file in zps/data/custom/ called anti_high_ping.zpdata (file can be opend with any text editor such as notepad or notepad++) alternatively you can manually create the file and use this code for the default settings:

		"MaxPing"		"150"
		"IgnoreAdmins"		"1"
		"MaxWarnings"		"5"

Remember if you manually create it to save it as anti_high_ping.zpdata

- 1.0.0 Release
- 1.0.1 Fix when the map changes the plugin stops working due disconnect / connect not being called on map change.
- 1.0.2 Added Configuration file for the CVars. Fixed where bots would be added to the check

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  HUD Messages on screen
Posted by: Orphanage - 01-14-2018, 01:38 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

This was discussed in Discord earlier, but I am adding it here to see if community approves this idea or not, as well as keeping this message as reminder to developers.
The point of this message is because there is seem to be barely anyone who actually read gameplay hints whenever connecting to the server, not to mention that manual itself.

"You received X item from Y player"
This is one of the things I'd like to add in game because there is still some people who do not pay attention to their Heads Up Display, especially when it comes to their ammo.

An example:
Player 1 asks for pistol ammo.
Player 2 got some pistol ammo, comes close to Player 1, aims at him and presses his "Drop ammo" button.
Player 1 receives ammo and a message on his screen that Player 2 gave you pistol ammo.

The same thing would be also useful for sharing a weapon. Obviously, instead of "...gave you * ammo.", you get "...gave you *weapon name*."

Press * button to do * action.
This might be better off to stay for tutorial map(if there is any planned to be implemented), but this could be somewhat useful for newcomers. Obviously, these messages should display only once or maybe twice and no more.
In general, if player boots up a game for first time, the code should prepare few hints when he joins to server for first time.

For example:
"Press crouch+jump to perform crouch jumping, if you want to jump over this obstacle" on FrozenHeart.
Player 1 asks for pistol ammo but player 2 doesnt know how to share. Game could tell a player to press this button to select ammo type(the ammo HUD could glow with outline a bit, to point out that this is an ammo hud and you are using it rightnow) and press another button to drop ammo. Can also add an sentence that if you stay close to person who asked for ammo, he can share it directly.
A reminder about panic button, if he sees lots of zombies but his ammo is obviously low.
Using barricade hammer. 
Sometimes, players asks others how to use barricade hammer(doesnt matter what exactly they wants to do with it). Game could tell a player what buttons to press in order to use hammer. This should happen whenever player draws a barricade hammer and holds it for mere 2 seconds.
Whenever Survivor is exhausted(low\no stamina). The game could tell a player to press and hold(or simply press it, depending on his ZP settings) to walk, so he can slowly restore stamina or stand still to restore stamina as well. Game could also highlight the stamina bar with outline, to show off his stamina bar and his current status of movement(walking\running).

or whatever else you have on your mind...

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Posted by: Orphanage - 01-11-2018, 11:23 PM - Forum: Level - No Replies

Bug name:
Floating item near PD car.

Where it happens?
zps_blackout, near trunk of police car.

Does it affect anyone?

How to reproduce:
Simply start up zps_blackout and get outside, head to the trunk of PD car and watch your right. You should be able to notice floating item(armor\medkit\pills\barricade hammer) just like that. I would assume this item should spawn inside of PD car but instead, it spawns outside and floats around.


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  [FEEDBACK] zps_clubzombo
Posted by: Orphanage - 01-11-2018, 10:59 PM - Forum: Level - Replies (1)

Ohohoho boys and girls, welcome to yet another feedback thread where I complain about certain things.
However this thread is that special thread where I get none enjoyment but hate towards the map itself.

Yes, I wrote that with all capital letters, because the music itself is just...Jesus christ, annoying as hell. Its a loud music that keeps repeating over and over again. There is no variation on music, despite of the fact game files has 2 or 3 additional tracks available for the map. Not to mention, the music made by KillahMo gets silenced whenever starting playing on that map because of specific entity.
Sure, some people will be like:

Quote:Yo dude, you can just mod the game files and place an null sound for that music, so ya can just silenced, brah.
Sure. I can. But think about newcomers and those who has no idea how to modificate the game. 
They will be like: "How can I silence this music, because I dont like it, due my taste or whatever?" Thankfully, not many people actually asked me this question but I would assume some people never ask other people and got that bloody question in their minds.

The club music is also causes me a severe headache and this is forces me to use my painkillers which these are also not that cheap in my country.

Chairs is like one of the major causes of death of survivors or zombies. All of em are dynamic and you can push em off anywhere you wish. There was also few griefers who just enjoy throwing chair behind someone and let that someone get destroyed by zombies, because he cant fall back and watch his back because of zombies in his sights.

Extremely painful to play as zombie.
This is a second part where it bothers me a lot and no wonder why most players accept this as "trash map".
Zombies literally gets gunned down if they drop down on dance floor, because survivors camp entire second floor or mostly near VIP bar.
Not to mention, you have to crouch so you can move up and drop on dance floor but while you are crouching, you can get shot right away and possibly die while dropping down or so.

Quote:But there is a ventilation system available for zombies!
Yeah well, you never know if you gonna get gunned down as soon as you get of that vent.
A good example would be me, camping that vent and waiting when zombie will drop down, so I can just get my free kill real quick and thats it.

There is also a hole in roof, allowing you to jump down on balcony. This is mostly a safest choose for zombie, but even then, if survivors decides to camp outside near wooden fence, you can get shot from there as well. You can also drop down on ground near main entrance but again, you can get shot from position where people can camp near that wooden fence.

There is also an additional spawn room available right behind human spawn. You just need to break a vent system aaaaaaaand get shot in face right away, because you need to crouch and walk out, and this is where it takes some time for zombie to get out, especially when he has no idea how to crouch and\or takes way too long. Oh yes, you can get shot from same spot again. There is no other way for zombies, they are forced to get out using exactly that vent.

Even if we cut all that spawning crap away, there is almost no cover for zombies at all. They can group up and hope not to get shot when they take the staircase and walk up to DJ room, but as soon as they move further to VIP bar, they can get shot easily, because tables do not protect you. Sure, you can dodge their bullets when you crouch it down but when survivors realize that, they come closer just to finish you off.

The only way to try to win this map is get at least 3-4 kills while survivors havent found any heavy weapons or before they actually grant access to the club by opening main entrance door. Even then, it doesnt grant you a victory because the same mentioned camp spots are OP for survivors and they easily gun down any zombies. Not to mention, even if you have good whitey on your team, the chances of zombies winning is extremely low, unless you managed to kill few survivors before them getting guns.

Guns. Lots of guns.
If you are playing on full server, you most likely will find a fine weapon to use, the same applies for other survivors. If zombies takes too long, pretty much every survivor will have a better weapon, so they can come back to the second floor and camp there. 

Barricade hammers at spawn, melee weapons as well.
I seriously dont see point of these, because there is barely anyone using melee weapons these days or only as last resort when you dont have additional firearm to kill zombie. Barricades are even more useless, because they take 2 slots and I doubt someone would enjoy himself carrying all that stuff, when they can get a better weapon instead.

The visuals.
The visuals on this map is okay, however I always disliked crapload of lights, especially on dance floor. Not to mention, all these lights keeps switching on and off all time which is extremely annoying for my eyes. I also never liked that spinning "Club Zombo" logo and similar logos like these. I get it already that I am in club, not in mental hospital or something.

I do not hate this map and the author who created this map, however, lots of flaws there and here and map itself feels like a shooting gallery. It also doesnt fit in game too well.

I am personally requesting to remove this map from official map list and their achievements from game build.

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  Draining feed-o-meter bug.
Posted by: Orphanage - 01-10-2018, 11:30 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Bug name:
Feed-o-meter depletes if player survivor\zombie died in water.

Where it happens?
Any map with water.(zpo_tanker is great example)

Does it affect anyone?
Affects only specific person who died in water.

How to reproduce:
Start zpo_tanker map, jump down in water, die, respawn as zombie and watch how your feed-o-meter slowly drains. If you try to use lunge, your feed-o-meter will drain even faster. If you are playing as zombie, simply die in water and then respawn, watch how your feed-o-meter drains as well.

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