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Lightbulb A Strategy Made By A Very Intelligent Human-being
Posted by: Corpse Thief - 04-22-2018, 11:42 PM - Forum: Zombie - No Replies

Do not EAT the brain, USE it!

[Image: use%2Bseu%2Bc%25C3%25A9rebro.png]

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Rainbow The Meme Corner
Posted by: Corpse Thief - 04-22-2018, 11:30 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies


[Image: 41a.gif]

[Image: 3bcd6499acbb6c7be0fa4cfdcae612bd.gif]

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Posted by: Orphanage - 04-21-2018, 11:56 AM - Forum: Level - No Replies

Bug name:
Survivors capable of camping behind zombie spawn and possibly gunning zombies down as soon as they spawn in that zone.

Where it happens?
Outside of the white house, corn field area.

How to reproduce:
Simply play as survivor and come over to white house. Depending where you spawned in, you need to look around white house and see where corn field area is. Once you found it, simply go in there until you'll see rocks and start camping.


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  Model Menu (AS or SourceMod)
Posted by: Dusty Ayres - 04-12-2018, 01:31 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

I've been trying to make a Model Menu Server Side Plugin for my custom server, in both AngelScript, and SourceMod... and both haven't been able to get the desired functionality.

For SourceMod, I've tried using the following :

      SetEntityModel(entity, info)... and this isn't working for me, and I don't think it's supported.

For AngelScript, I've tried using the "OnPlayerSpawn" Hook... but I can't get it to fire for me, which is integral to the plugin, because it needs to set the model when you spawn each round.

HookReturnCode OnPlayerSpawn(CBasePlayer@ pPlayer)
       // Not Hitting any of these
       Engine.Print(chat, pPlayer, "Hello!");
       Engine.PrecacheFile(model, "models\\test.mdl");
       return HOOK_HANDLED;

I'm stuck, and would appreciate any help with these issues.

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Posted by: ninja_muffin_ - 03-19-2018, 01:22 AM - Forum: Level - No Replies

Guns and ammo spawns are not properly adjusted; AS plug-in seems to be broken so even with low player count every weapoon and ammo spawn gets triggered anyways so zombies end up losing each round since a handfull survivors are swimming in supplies.

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Information v3.0.7 Hotfix-2 Changelog & SourceMod Support
Posted by: NeoAssassin - 02-26-2018, 01:40 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

While JonnyBoy has been working on the v3.0.8 code rewriting, Shepard has been working on another v3.0.7 hotfix that we present you with today! This update contains many fixes which were supposed to be released already, and more. But some crashes or other issues may remain, which should hopefully get fixed with the update to v3.0.8.

What about SourceMod support?

We mentioned previously that we would be banning SourceMod from being used in our game, because it was being abused to bypass our custom game bans. At the time, we told you it would be banned within a few weeks, but we didn't proceed to ban it after that time period.

Fortunately, we were able to find a way to prevent, or discourage, those from abusing SourceMod to bypass our custom game bans - and we were simply waiting, and observing the results of this before making a final decision to proceed with the ban. This means it's no longer necessary for us to ban the use of SourceMod. We apologize for any grief that we may have caused you all with this mistake.

In other SourceMod related news - we were recently in touch with the SourceMod developers, AlliedModders, regarding SourceMod not functioning properly with ZPS. They weren't aware that ZPS had the major v3.0 update because no one had informed them. We were also informed that we needed to expose something in order for their auto-update to work properly, and we complied. So you should see some fixes to SourceMod here sometime soon (you can track the Github issue here).

But, please don't forget that AngelScript is still the preferred and best method to write server and map plugins for ZPS. AngelScript is in its early stages and is likely lacking in the functionality you need because we need requests for the additions you require. But keep in mind that AngelScript is not meant to function like, or be a second SourceMod. There's certain things that we won't want to expose so that it can't be abused for some reason. Whatever your requests, be sure to leave them here on our forums or in our Discord server.

v3.0.7 Hotfix-2 Changelog

Admin System

  • Added the ability to target bots as well as yourself for the "explode" and "teleport" commands.
  • Clients permissions are refreshed on every spawn.
  • Removed the "fun beacon" command because it was broken.
  • Reworked the permissions/immunity system.
  • Added "DoSuicide( CHL2MP_Player @pPlayer, bool bExplode, float flTime )" to "CHL2MP_Player".
  • Added "SetPlayerName( CHL2MP_Player @pPlayer, const std::string& szString )" to "CHL2MP_Player".
  • Removed "ForceInfectPlayer( float flTime )" from "CHL2MP_Player".
AFK Manager
  • Fixed an exploit where zombie lives were increased if the kicked player was anything but a zombie.
  • Added custom crosshairs support. You no longer need to overwrite an existing default crosshair, just look at "zps/data/crosshairs" to see how they are now handled.
  • Added "Targeted Platform" on the debugging overlay.
  • Added very basic Workshop functionality à la Left 4 Dead to the main menu.
  • "cl_cmdrate" is now ignored, the forced value is "30".
  • Fixed a crash about infected and arms being invalids.
  • Fixed a glitch with infected arms.
  • Fixed an issue with backgrounds not being read from VPKs files.
  • Fixed bad paths to Feed-O-Meter materials.
  • Fixed spectators being able to spectate spectators (doh!)
  • Potentially fixed the crashes about ragdolls.
  • Removed Source 2013's cheap shadows because they were broken.
  • Reworked the glow system in an attempt to fix the random items glowing issues.
  • Updated interactions with Discord RPC (Rich Presence).
CVARs (Console VARiables)
  • Added a new server side boolean CVAR called "sv_allow_gravity_manipulation" (default value is 0/false).
    • If this CVAR is enabled, servers operators are able to change the gravity, otherwise it will be locked to the default value.
    • Enabling this CVAR will deactivate the achievements as well as statistics!
  • Added a new server side boolean CVAR called "sv_disablesprays" (default value is 0/false).
    • If this CVAR is enabled, clients are no longer able to spray (thanks Captain Obvious!).
  • Added a new server side boolean CVAR called "sv_workshop_clientdownload" (default value is 1/true).
    • If this CVAR is enabled, servers will order the connecting clients to download the server's subscribed Workshop items from the Steam Workshop, otherwise it's up to the clients themselves to manually subscribe and download the items.
  • "sv_gravity" is no longer "sv_cheats" protected (now protected by the newly added "sv_allow_gravity_manipulation").
  • "sv_gravity"'s default value has been changed from "600" to "570" in an attempt to match 2.4.
  • [func_brush] Will no longer be preserved between rounds, it will be recreated every round restart.
  • [func_illusionary] Same fate as "func_brush".
  • [point_clientcommand] Blacklisted the following commands for security reasons: bind, changelevel, cl_*, disconnect, explode, fov, give, impulse, kill, m_*, map, mat_*, mp3, quit, r_*, slot, snd_*, v_*, zp_*
  • [point_servercommand] Same fate as "point_clientcommand".
Game Rules
  • Cut-scenes are forced to be disabled when an intermission (map transition if you prefer) is triggered. This is to prevent major problems on the next map.
  • Fixed an issue with the escape timer.
  • Fixed Carrier/Zombie arms check code attempting to give them back to dead zombies that would cause a server crash because of edicts limit being reached.
  • Fixed Carrier/Zombie arms check code interfering with controllable entities like "func_train" and "game_ui". Smash Cannon's players and servers operators can now rest assured.
  • Fixed intermission (map transition if you prefer) being triggered when an invalid map was specified.
  • Reworked the game description system in order to match 2.4. Servers with a lower infection rate should have an "i", higher should be "i+". Hardcore servers should have an "H" and forced Hardcore is "H+". Custom servers are still marked as "Custom".
  • Reworked how game modes are created/destroyed to be more reliable and efficient.
  • Updated how late joiners are picked up to be more efficient.
  • Added a missing new line character when logging "The zombies won!".
  • Added the reason of why votes failed in votes logging.
  • Added vote issuer's team in all votes logging.
  • Fixed console spamming whenever there was an infected.
  • Implemented SpdLog which is a better, cleaner and faster logging system than Source's.
  • Added a "panic punish timer", if you panic too much within a certain time, you will loose stamina.
  • Fixed crouch exploit.
  • Fixed escape timer not being reset.
  • Fixed Feed-O-Meter being drained for an unknown reason (caused by HL2:DM's code).
  • Fixed Feed-O-Meter being drained while crouching (caused again by HL2:DM's code).
  • Fixed jumping animations.
  • Fixed issues about Carrier counting whenever a client disconnected.
  • Fixed the "is infected" variable not being reset after having turned.
  • Removed the ability to drop and share single round of ammo for performance and stability reasons.
  • Removed the following cheat "impulse" commands: 50 (HL2's commander stuff), 51 (create a HL2 dynamic resupply item), 52 (range calculator).
  • Reset "Carrier status" between round's end and the beginning of a new one in an attempt to prevent multiple Carriers glitch.
  • Added a limit of 20 gibs in order to prevent servers crashes (as well as griefing in Zomboeing).
  • Added tags (for Hardcore only so far) that would allow clients to easily filters the servers.
  • Fixed dedicated servers sometimes not picking up maps from the Workshop.
  • Head gibs will disappear after 15 seconds in order to prevent servers crashes (also prevents griefing in Zomboeing).
  • [Linux] Reworked how console warnings/errors are treated to match Windows's version.
  • [Chair] Now uses it's own weight value rather than the Axe's.
  • [Delivery items] Added 3 new outputs for mappers: "OnUse", "OnUseAccept", "OnUseFound".
  • [Delivery items] Fixed a potential crash when owner magically disappeared and became invalid.
  • [Machete] Now uses it's own weight value rather than the Keyboard's.
  • [Pipe wrench] Now uses it's own weight value rather than the Wrench's.
  • [Pistols (Glock 17, Glock 18c, PPK, USP)] Say goodbye to the fast LMG rate of fire bug on them.
  • [Winchester] Fixed an issue where the double shot sound was used when the secondary attack was pressed but only one buckshot was fired.
  • [Winchester] Fixed the fast firing glitch (press primary then secondary attack ASAP) because it's not a freaking LMG.
  • [Wrench] Now uses it's own weight value rather than the Spanner's.
  • zps_blackout
    • Added more ammo boxes.
    • Made the sofas heavier at the attic.
    • Fixed getting stuck in the attic roof.
  • zps_haunted
    • Added minor fixes of light and lightmap shadows.
    • Added a few player clips to make movement smoother.
    • Minor visual improvements.
    • Soundscape adjusted.
    • Updated loading screen.
  • zps_policestation
    • Fixed the brush clipping issue in the cells.
    • Fixed texture alignment problem in the cells.
    • Fixed where you could get stuck outside near the sign.
    • Updated some detailing @ the workshop (outside window).
  • zpo_aquatica
    • Replaced corn plants.
    • Fixed blocking elevators at secret.
    • Replaced join signs.
  • zpo_subway
    • Removed 4 dynamic lights from front of train.
    • Set up new collision for func_tracktrain
    • Extended train tunnel.
    • Train detail is now func_brush.
    • Func_tracktrain and path_tracks are now set to fixed orientation.
    • Lined up origin of func_tracktrain perfectly with origin of first path_track.
    • Added invisible metal texture.
    • Removed some dynamic props from the cockpit of the train that weren't showing up properly anyway.
  • zpo_zomboeing
    • Clipped vent holes so trolls can't troll and drop crates through there.
    • Put human push trigger in front of zombie spawn outlet into hangar so campers can't be campers.
    • Trimmed a trigger in the tower that was poking outside a little.
    • Fixed overhead door moving wrong direction in tunnel.
Follow us on social media at:
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Posted by: pillz - 02-15-2018, 06:18 PM - Forum: Level - Replies (1)

1) When survivors are supposed to be heading to the Tower objective, there is a point when zombies start spawning on the roof or near the tower- but the big double red doors at the bottom of the elevator is locked until survivors open it from the inside. I just played a game that went completely stagnant because the survivors saw zombies behind the door and refused to open it, and for the next 5 minutes the zombies just hung out waiting and literally nobody was able to go after the survivors.

On a map where most people dislike the spawn-system for zombies, this is typically a welcome feature but with trolls-for-survivors it can be annoying. I eventually just decided to slay the four remaining survivors but it really slows down gameplay anyway to just have the hoard sitting around waiting behind a locked door, atypical for zombie panic gameplay too.

2) The "exit" gate on the roof that opens after the Tower objective is complete- it can open into waiting survivors as doors now tend to do, but there is no way to close it again or break it to free yourself. I discovered it and decided to never be that close when it opens, but others have gotten stuck as well and it can be very frustrating.

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  3d modeler
Posted by: VladOcs - 02-11-2018, 12:05 PM - Forum: Applications - No Replies

Hey guys, I'm a 3d modeler. Played the game today because steam recomended it. It was nice, mostly because i played it in 2010-2012 a lot bcs i had a really bad pc :Smile

here's my portfolio, would like to help if you need 3d related stuff.


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Exclamation Reverting to v3.0.6
Posted by: NeoAssassin - 02-01-2018, 08:52 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Due to the many new issues caused by the v3.0.7 update, we've had to revert to v3.0.6 for the time being until these issues are properly fixed. We're very sorry for the inconvenience that the v3.0.7 update has caused, and we appreciate your patience while we resolve these issues.

What about v3.0.7?
We're currently working on yet another overhaul to the code in order to fix the issues with v3.0.7, as well as (hopefully) some of the other issues that we've been unable to fix in the last few patches.

We estimate that this will likely take around 3 weeks, but this is just an estimate. It could end up taking longer than that, since we're basically starting from scratch again with a fresh code base and leaving the HL2MP portion untouched this time.

This revert will cause all map related achievements to be unobtainable during this time.

The reason for this is because we're reverting the binaries (client.dll and server.dll), but keeping the map updates. Since those map achievements have been changed to function differently in v3.0.7, they'll no longer work properly with this revert to v3.0.6.

This sucks, we know - but it's much better than dealing with all the new glitches that popped up. You'll be able to get these achievements again once we release v3.0.8.

Map Changes

v3.0.7 Changelog Wrote:
  • zpo_shreddingfield
    • Fixed where survivors could block the blue door at the beginning
    • Updated the nuke sequence

  • zpo_tanker
    • Fixed zspawn issues on the last stages of the map
    • Changed some zombie doors to broken stages (1 and 2)
    • Increased the C4 explosion timer by 30sec

  • zpo_harvest
    • Removed old clips around the truck
    • Removed "last stand" objective (Survivors will now automatically fail if the truck passes by)
    • Removed old zombie clip on the truck
    • Fixed broken "climbing" on the truck

  • zpo_subway
    • Fixed unaligned textures
    • Fixed where the train would get stuck if a player blocked its path
    • Fixed an exploit where you could drop ammo or weapons in unreachable spots between the generators

  • zpo_zomboeing
    • Fixed up new zombie spawns all fancy like.
    • Added double door at tower base to keep campers from bein campers.
    • Made signs above zombie vents illusionary so they can get inside easier.
    • changed all tower ladders from useable to brush ladders
    • added ladders in jetways
    • implemented new spawn limit system for info_player_zombie
    • Fixed an exploit where you could drop ammo, weapons or the delivery items at the unreachable spot beneath the stairs

  • zpo_frozenheart
    • Added one new zombie ladder only at the fence outside closer to the gas station.
    • Tweaked ammo and weapon spawn on roof area.
    • Reduced the timer to break the metal vent in zombie spawn a little more earlier on roof section.
    • Reduced the timer to spawn zombies on the roof 8 seconds earlier.
    • Fixed one breakable door to be open for zombies only - moved this zombie spawn to the kitchen.
    • Added safe exploit fix for C4 and Box of Food items getting bugged out side of the map.
    • Added a small clip to help players jumping over the vent at the roof.
    • Replaced map's music entities as logic_music - now it will play as a soundtrack.

  • zps_corpsington
    • Fixed a brush vent height in one zombie spawn
    • Updated police car model to be interactive
    • Tweaked ammo spawns (+14 players)
    • Moved destroyed truck a bit to the right so players could move in a small area at the stairs outside.
    • Fixed weapon_barricade hammers spawning in a generator room not accessible by players

  • zps_thrillvile
    • All item_ammo_pistol replaced with random_ammo
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode

  • zps_deadend
    • Added a few player clips to make movement more smoother
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode

  • zps_town
    • Clipped off unfair camp position on light above stairs
    • Fixed minor issue with the lightmap shadows
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode

  • zps_silence
    • Removed Zombie Spawn behind the concrete fence
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode
    • Cubemaps tweaks
    • Reworked Zombie Spawn in the basement

  • zps_haunted
    • Added info_player_zombie in PVS mode
    • Minor AS Balance tweaking

  • zps_sapidcerebrum
    • Ascent smoothing on all staircases with player clips
    • Basement door by classroom standardized
    • Basement now opens on a timer (two minutes)
    • Lockers in dressing room are now searchable
    • Added item spawns in searchable lockers
    • Replaced obsolete ammo entities
    • Office door below sound booth fixed

  • zps_policestation
    • Added sounds to ZP doors
    • Made double doors to open/close at the same time.
    • Nerfed jail cells a little
    • Fixed jail doors getting stuck

Follow us on social media at:
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Exclamation 3.0.7 Hotfix 1 is LIVE
Posted by: NeoAssassin - 02-01-2018, 08:50 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

We just released an emergency hotfix for 3.0.7 that only fixes the fake survivor glitch (aka "Lobby bug"). Dedicated servers and clients are required to update as soon as possible.

Follow us on social media at:
[Image: 257987627cf0a0406b2ec71f5bc36ab6e84e6871.png] [Image: 53e854886c24daf87ce00c248399d9c772aef39b.png] [Image: 98d8275add80ec87331d1e3d05d033bd7db028b2.png] [Image: 98bbe46c6538c4981826c2cd1849fc5e272d2777.png] [Image: 7fa572b7d48f01cb8308ce4afbd572e577117415.png]

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