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Full Version: Form submission: Team Application
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Applying for Position(s): Playtester

Did someone refer you here, and who?: Casei Magnus

Name: chicken nugget

Age: 22

Location: USA

Experience with ZPS: 300+ hours playing ZPS since the beginning of 2017. Lately I've been trying to update and rework the ZPS Wiki. Pretty active in the community and I've had a lot of fun! Smile

Skills: Some experience with admin, console commands, and Hammer. Good understanding of gameplay and official maps. I have a decent understanding of how to find issues + describe and reproduce them. I have a lot of free time Wink

Prior Experiences: Nothing related to playtesting other than doing it for a small (not commercial or anything) game my friends and I worked on in 2015. I can send a dropbox link if you want to play it Smile

Examples of Work: Nothing huge. I have found and reported a few bugs in 3.1, had a good bit of recent activity on the ZPS wiki, and hopefully before long you'll see a halfway decent custom map out of me.

<b>Playtester Rules & Guidelines Agreement</b>: <b>Yes, I have read the <i>Playtester Rules & Guidelines</i> and I agree to these terms/conditions</b>