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Full Version: Form submission: Team Application
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Applying for Position(s): Playtester

Did someone refer you here, and who?: Aoiuchuu

Name: Pseudolukian

Age: 18

Location: Brazil

Experience with ZPS: Over 700 hours of Zombie Panic! Source. I started playing around 2012 - 2014 (2.4.1) and gradually stuck around with the game up to the release of 3.0, where i found myself playing the game a lot more frequently, even more-so with the release of 3.1.

Skills: Decent translation experience, good understanding of the gameplay mechanics, decent amount of time available.

Prior Experiences: Translating English to Portuguese content in other games. Slight amounts of playtesting for another game.

Examples of Work: * Translated the Zombie Panic! Source 3.0 achievements to Portuguese
* Translated the game "Dead Frontier 2" to Portuguese

<b>Playtester Rules & Guidelines Agreement</b>: <b>Yes, I have read the <i>Playtester Rules & Guidelines</i> and I agree to these terms/conditions</b>