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Full Version: Form submission: Team Application
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 Applying for Position(s): 3D Artist

Did someone refer you here, and who?: Nobody

Name: Daniel

Age: 16

Location: Brazil

Experience with ZPS: Experience with ZP:S?, quite a lot, I discovered this half-life 2 mod when I discovered half-life 2 at the same time:

I got a good amount of hours in the game itself,  used to play more frequently but I always tend to spend a lot of time in the game's mod tools

I knew this game way before but I started playing the game in 2016, you know, when the 2.0 era was still a thing. 

Everyday I think about helping the game some way, mostly by improving the game models or making models related about it and giving extended support to the enhanced characters pack that I have been developing in a year by myself (until Silent has given me a huge help on the new zombie hands animations, he's awesome. actually shouldn't he have a dev application here too? lol)

I also done some workshop mods for ZP:S: Guns, characters, vgui and even sounds mods
I work on renders/artworks for the game to from time-to-time, they're mostly ignored by the community however still I like doing they for my own amusement

Skills: Experienced 3D artist, yet not skilled.

I know how to make human headsgunsmelees, props and clothing from scratch. I'm more focused on the texturing of the model rather than the model itself but I try to balance both, I can work with static animation and also try to make some fancy renders in Blender.

Prior Experiences: Before this I was a old modder, I have worked with CS:S and NMRiH back in the day.

You can also check my Gamebanana & Workshop content: 


Examples of Work


<b>Playtester Rules & Guidelines Agreement</b>: <b>Yes, I have read the <i>Playtester Rules & Guidelines</i> and I agree to these terms/conditions</b>